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Wedding at The Ritz, London

We had the absolute pleasure of delivering to The Ritz on Sunday for the wedding of Neda and Justin.

We met with Neda and Justin at The Ritz a couple of months ago.  They had quite opposing ideas as regards the cake design – Neda wanting it to be very traditional and ornate and Justin preferring a more contemporary look. They were both agreed on two aspects however – it had to be all white and very grand.

Justin really liked the texturing of the piped dots created and thus wanted at least one tier entirely covered in this pattern.  Neda loved the intricacy of the ornate sugar flowers and petals and also loved our very ‘Victorian’ designs in our portfolio.

We had come up with a design that incorporated both the traditional and the contemporary and one that worked in contrasting these two very different styles.

Whilst Justin wanted the piped dots to entirely cover the tier, you will see that we got to a certain level and then stopped.  This was a design call, which slightly differed from the agreed sketch, but this is sometimes how it pans out – we have to make a judgement call on what looks right when we are working on the cake

We just received a lovely email from the couple thanking us for the wonderful cake and saying how much they loved it so I think we pulled it off!

Nicola x