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Amazing Wedding Cakes


Amazing wedding cakes is what we do.  Whilst we can – and do – produce cakes of all different shapes and sizes, we have gained quite a reputation for our amazing centre piece wedding cakes.

A lot of couples come to us because they want something really grand.  We have had the privilege of working on some amazing projects and have designed so many different cakes in the last 7 years.

At Hall of Cakes we do not produce hundreds of cakes every year – in fact we only commission up to around 30 wedding cakes each year.  But the cakes we produce are often worked on for weeks and weeks in advance – making flowers and blossoms and petals.. which are then applied to the cake during the week leading up to the big day.

Below are just a few of the cakes Hall of Cakes have designed and created in the last couple of years – but lots of exiting cakes booked in for this year!


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