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Arabian Nights in London

Saturday 3rd of March 2012

To say that I absolutely love the variety that running a cake business provides can sound such a bit of cliche.  But, I hope these images really prove the point!


These are the images of the wedding cake we made for Cathy and Malcolm for their wedding last Saturday in London.

Now, firstly, did you see the 8 tier Victorian creation we made for the London showcase at Lombard Street a few weeks ago?  Well, have a look in the Wedding Gallery and it’s on the second row down to the left….

I only mention it because it was at Lombard Street that I met Cath, who, standing next to 8 tiers of ornate intricate piping asked me if I we could possibly create an Arabian themed cake, complete with compulsory camel topper and bride and groom.  ‘Of course we can – whyever not?!’  Oh, and her wedding was in 4 weeks time…….

Cath and Malcolm are moving out to Qatar (in fact by the time this post goes up I think they are already there).  Malcolm’s work means they will be living out in Qatar for 10 years and there wedding day was not only a celebration of their nuptials but also a bit of a farewell party for friends and family before their departure.

Cath visited me in the studio the following week and we really did have a giggle about the design of the cake.  We did (just for a moment) consider more elegant and ornate Arabian themes but Malcolm (not present had one small request for the cake – a camel.

Despite only meeting Cathy twice, it was very evident that she and Malcolm love to have a great time, only worry about the things in life that really matter and who are really good fun.

Cathy brought with her an example of the invitation – (see second image down) and a picture of herself beside a camel in Qatar.

To be totally honest, by the time Cathy left the studio we hadn’t formalised an exact design as she was very happy to leave it in our capable hands.  As long as we produced something that was two tiers of cake, had an Arabian theme, a camel and perhaps a bride and groom model.  Oh, and the camel absolutely must have eyelashes….. (why, of course).

We had decided on the flavours however – lemon sponge with lemonzest cream filling for the bottom tier and fruit for the top tier (I think Cathy’s mum was going to keep the fruit tier and I am guessing is also now looking after our humpy friend)

Cathy and Malcolm married at The Waterman’s Hall at St Mary at Hill, followed by dinner and celebrations at 1 Lombard Street.

We had great fun working on this cake and Cathy has already sent a lovely testimonial which I will upload shortly.

Now, when I set up that 8 tier extravaganza at Lombard Street 5 weeks ago, did I ever imagine it would result in this blog post….?

Nicola x

PS.  Don’t stare at him too long or he may wink at you………

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