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Asian Wedding Cakes in London

Sunday 27th of January 2013

These are the beautiful images of the wedding of Kiran and Gurprit back in September of last year.  


As you may have read on the website, most couples come to see us about three to six months in advance.  Some couples a year in advance and last week we took a booking for September 2014….

Kiran and Gurprit however, came to see us just six weeks prior to their wedding celebrations commencing!

Whether we have availability at such short notice is always purely down to the actual date.  Some weekends are just more booked up than others.  We have some dates fully booked for this year six months in advance, but still availability for April. So, do always try us if it is last minute as you never know…

Traditional Indian weddings are generally structured into pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding day ceremonies and then the Vidaai (the Vidiaai being when the bride is officially welcomed into the grooms household).

Unfortunately we never get to see the pre-wedding (traditional Indian ceremonies) – and I would absolutely love to one day.  We often get to see the photographs and I am always fascinated by the abundance of colour used in the brides dresses and trains.  Not to mention the jewellery and the makeup. The makeup is always totally stunning and applied with such finite skill.  I am sure you will agree that Kiran looks amazing in these images.

Indian weddings are very much about the bringing together of two families and are usually very big affairs.  We have made wedding day cakes now for six Indian weddings are the smallest was for a sit down of 400.

For the wedding day celebrations, Kiran wanted to contrast the myriad of colour used for the traditional celebrations.  Kiran wanted an abundance of diamonte and crystal, but only to use black, white and pearl as her base colours.

Kiran had seen a couple of cake images she liked and sent them to me by email.  Kiran wanted us to design a cake that combined some of the detail of the two cakes but also making sure that the cake worked in harmony with her theme.

Kiran was very clear that she wanted the design to look classy and simple, yet still big enough to create a focal point in the room.  A ‘wow factor’ but classy.

The venue was The Brewery in the City of London.  The Brewery is a fantastic event space and hosts many large corporate events, parties and weddings. The Brewery is actually on the site of the original Whitbread brewery, built on the existing site in Chiswell Street in 1750.

The set up looked amazing.  Very classy and sophisticated.  The cake was positioned centre stage on the dance floor and I was delighted with the finished creation.

I was also very glad I persuaded Kiran to go for the Swarovski crystal brooches.  They were quite a bit more than some we had originally looked at but they looked amazing under the lights and really complimented the overall theme.

Kiran and Gurprit,  fantastic to work with you and I wish you all the very best for a happy future together

Nicola x…

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