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At Home With Hall of Cakes


Lots of people are fascinated by what we do.  Clients always ask many questions about how we work, how it all comes together, how do we manage the business – being predominantly run from my home in Bexley..

When Hall of Cakes first started out – nearly 11 years ago now – I was so conscience in the beginning that my business was run from home.  I saw my competitors – to my mind in bright lights – in London and thought I would never be able to compete with them. I didn’t think Hall of Cakes would ever look as glamorous or impressive without a ‘shop front’.  I am proud to say that 10 years later, working for venues such as The Ritz and The Savoy, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Within the house we have a beautiful studio /  office purely for the business.  We also have a separate kitchen – away from the main family kitchen.  Whilst we work in the family kitchen on a daily basis, to maintain a 5 start rating from the Environmental Health Agency we have a separate kitchen to store all equipment, utensils and ingredients.  None of our equipment or utensils cross over with family life.

I think 10 years on, our portfolio speaks for itself.  I think now that people can see the copious amounts of wedding cakes that we have designed and created and see that a glossy shop front isn’t required. Plus, with the benefit of social media now – who needs shop front?  Well, of course, many business do but, with social media nowadays we have our shop front – actually a few shop fronts!

I am over the moon with these images from 3 Boys and Me Photography.  Nina is a candid photographer, who captures real moments and real emotion.  I absolutely love her work.  She is renowned for her black and white imagery, but I love her bursts of colour too.

Nina did this shoot for us back in September.  September was our busiest month this year and to be honest I nearly cancelled the slot I had booked with Nina.  But, I didn’t and I am so glad I didn’t.  The whole point of the shoot was to capture us when we are busy – cakes everywhere, tape measure round my neck (which I usually spend my of my time look for), kids homework book sprayed with icing sugar and the fridge in the background covered with our family memorabelia.

We may not have a glossy shop front but we do create and design amazing cakes.  You may be confronted with a half naked 5 year old (dressed as a skeleton with a spider on her head, like this morning..) when collecting your daughters birthday cake…  But, you will get a beautiful cake from a team with over 50 years’ experience in sugar craft, with an excellent reputation and a portfolio and that I am incredibly proud off.  Oh, and, we don’t have to charge you the overheads of that glossy shopfront in London :)

Thank you Nina.  Fantastic images as always x


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