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The Bourne Victorian Wedding Cake!

Monday 5th of September 2011

These are the stunning images of the wedding cake we designed and created for Kerry and Phil Bourne on 13th August at The Mansion House at Port Lympne Wildlife Park in Kent. 

We have commissioned many beautiful wedding cakes this summer and whilst it is not possible to ‘blog’ them all, you will know from my previous blog posts that it is the traditional Victorian designs that I have such a passion for and (maybe a little sadly!) get incredibly excited about!

Kerry and mum came to see us about a year ago now.  As soon as Kerry walked into the studio she said ‘I want that one’, pointing at one of our elaborate Victorian models on display!

Kerry and Phil had up to 250 guests at their evening reception and therefore needed at least 4 tiers to feed them all.  However, regardless of the guest number, one of the first things Kerry actually said to me is that she wanted ‘a big cake’!

When we sat down and designed the cake we actually agreed on 5 tiers, but later on Kerry changed the design to six – a tier for every year that she and Phil have been together.

From our portfolio, Kerry particularly loved our Victorian Grandeur design, plus a model we had in the studio of something very similar.  But there were also features Kerry particularly wanted to include – such as ‘lots and lots of bows please’!

Each tier was a different flavour and a different design.  The flavours ranged from rich fruit cake to lemon with lemon zest filling and chocolate with cocoa butter cream to coffee cake with cappuccino and rum cream filling….

Kerry and Phil’s wedding was not a traditional wedding in every sense of the word and they included many different aspects to their day, including their love of animals – hence the location.   However, Kerry specifically wanted the cake to be very traditional and very white!

The clay model on top of the cake was not provided by Hall of Cakes but by Artlocke Designs (

When Kerry first suggested including such a model on top I have to admit I was a little, let’s say…. scared..?

Whilst these models are fab, they are obviously not very traidtional… But, Kerry wanted to achieve the look of a very traditional cake, but to include a fun element to the creation.   I have to say, I actually loved the end result as the model was very good quality and added even more height to the cake (like it needed it!)

The images you see here have been provided by Martyn at Martyn Mackie Photography (  On the day, the lighting inside the venue was quite tricky to work with and it can be so difficult to get really great shots with the minimum of natural light.  But, Martyn has done an amazing job and I am sure Kerry and Phil will be absolutely delighted with their images.

Now don’t tell anybody, but you may also see this cake appearing on a TV screen near you very soon…..

And something else I am not really allowed to tell you…. we have just been commissioned for a very similar design, for a lovely celebrity wedding in London next summer… We do of course provide absolute anonymity were requested but if we are able to blog the images of the cake we will…

Nicola x

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