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Brandshatch Place – A Kent Wedding

Friday 14th of June 2013

On 6th April this year it was Mary and Martin’s wedding.  Martin is actually my brother so this was a very special day for all the family and of course Hall of Cakes, who, naturally supplied the wedding cake (oh, and the page boy!).

Martin and Mary high res-44

It really was a fabulous wedding.  And, I say that, not just through a biaised point of view, but because Mary and Martin really did put so much work into so many details.  As any one reading this who is planning their wedding will know, it is often the little details, like stationery, ribbons, favours… that take the most time. But, it really is all of these things together make the overall decor work.

Mary is originally from South Africa but has lived and worked in London now for 5 years.    Mary’s closest friends from SA all come over for the wedding and whilst it was a very busy week, (to say the least) it really was fabulous.  Mary was attended by her oldest and dearest friends from SA – Mia, Jacquie and Jess. The girls were a great support to Mary throughout the wedding.

Because of Mary’s friends not arriving until the wednesday/Thursday before the big day the hen night was actually on the Thursday night just before the wedding.  When I originally heard this, I did wonder how we were going to manage it all (not to mention getting the cake finished…) but we did and it really was a great few days.

A huge well done to Fiona and Marni for arranging such a great hen night.  Eats and drinks in Covent Garden (and a few other surprises), followed by a few more drinks in Roadhouse (well, you have do it occasionally).  I will never forget my mums sketching a nude model as long as I live!  Not to mention the look on her face when he ‘dropped the cloth’. Hilarious!

The wedding venue was Brandshatch Place Hotel in Fawkham in Kent.  A gorgeous boutique venue and perfect for a smaller size wedding.  Mary and Martin invited 30 guests to the ceremony and wedding breakfast and then a further 100 or so guests joined them for the evening celebrations.  Great sounds provided by Traviss as usual.  Traviss has DJ’d for our family parties for years and never fails to fill the dance floor. If you want a fantastic DJ in the Kent area Traviss is your man

The chosen colour scheme was teal.  They incorporated various shades with the bridesmaids dresses being a paler contrast to the richer, deeper tone of the mens’ ties.  It all worked together beautifully.

The flowers and decor were courtesy of Flowers and Sparkle in Kent, who did a beautiful job – loved the candelabras.

The stationery was courtesy of Frannie Pants .  I am a complete sucker for detail and their work was flawless.

Mary (and Martin..?!) put so much effort into the small touches that really make a wedding special and detail was really effective.  And, well done to Mary’s mum for bringing back through customs (more than her allowance) of Amarula minitures!  Amarula is the South African equivalent of Baileys (but far nicer).  These were tied with teal ribbons and given as favours.  A lovely touch.

Given that the weather has been atrocious over the last few months it was quite unbelievable to wake up to the most beautiful blue skies on the day of the wedding.  A wee bit chilly (or absolutely freezing according to the South Africans!), but a lovely day for a wedding!

Mary wanted the cake to be beautiful but delicate and simple.  Her only requests along with these details were that it be shade of the teal colour and if we could incorporate bows oh, and no ribbon, just piping.  We actually discussed a four tier cake, but as is often the case, i got a little carried away and we ended up with five!

If your are wondering who the little doggy is, this is Bobby dog.  Mary’s most treasured possession (after my dear brother I am sure) and the only person (well, dog) that couldn’t be at the wedding.  So, as a little surprise we made him in sugar.

I sincerely regret not have the camera ready for the Mary’s ‘cake reaction‘ as it was really emotional.  Although, aside for 5 tiers of hard work late into many evenings, it was little Bobby Dog that set the tears flowing and stole the show for Mary!

In summary, a fantastic family wedding, from which I acquired a really really bad headache and a beautiful sister in law.

Nicola x

Thank you so much to Adam Cherry for the fantastic photography


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