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Celebrity Wedding Cakes! Hall of Cakes Feature in OK! Magazine

Wednesday 5th of February 2014

We are so chuffed that our latest design ‘Sugar Rose Antoinette’ has been featured in this months’ OK! Magazine.  


OK! Magazine sent us an email a couple of weeks beforehand, attaching a ‘mood board’ and asking if we had any suitable models that would fit with their intended themes.

The image within the board that grabbed my attention was the image on the bottom row – the model with the huge bright roses in the her hair.

I glanced behind me in the studio at our latest design ‘Sugar Rose Antoinette’ and thought this work work fantastically.

The Style Director Rosie Underwood loved it and asked if we could bring our new baby to a shoot the following week in London.

We have done a few magazine features before and whilst it is great advertising and a huge honour to be asked, it can be a really really long day….

Fortunately, this wasn’t such a long day – actually only a morning and was also at a great location which I new well and that I could actually park outside!!!  (Honestly, when you deliver wedding cakes for a living, you wouldn’t believe how exciting the news of ‘yes, you can park right outside the building’ can be!  Literally enables you to have a nights’ sleep and not fret for the whole journey as to where the hell you will park and even more importantly how the hell will get a 7 tier wedding cake from said parking space to desired location!  Oh, and then it could also be raining…..

It all went very smoothly and we are delighted with the feature.

This months edition of OK! Magazine contains tons of celebrity news and gossip, including Celebrity Big Brother wrap up and the engagement of model Sophia Cahill and Dane Bowers.  Wonder if the have booked their wedding cake yet..?!

Nicola x…

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