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Civil Partnership Celebration

Thursday 2nd of September 2010

We were commissioned by Rachel and Jayne to design and make a wonderful centrepiece for their civil partnership reception at Hall Place in Bexley, Kent.

The job of organising the cake had been handed to Rachel and we discovered during the design consultation that Rachel actually knew very little about the details of the day and had absolutely no idea of what she wanted!  Thus, the cake design was to be the starting block for all other details to follow…

The final design wasn’t actually decided until a couple of months before the big day as Rachel and Jayne did have a tendency to (I will just say it how it is, as I know they won’t mind…) change their minds quite frequently! But, that’s all part of the process and eventually we concluded on a design that they both completely adored and one which also complimented the grandeur of the Great Hall

We had ascertained that Jayne was a real girlie girl and loved all things pink and beautiful.  We also concluded that height was an absolute necessity, the cake should be very traditional and a real centrepiece.  And, the final request….. (using Rachel’s exact words) ‘the whole thing chocolate please’!!!  A wedding cake designer is frequently tasked with architectural challenges and this was certainly one of them….

The cake flowers were supplied by a wonderful lady – ‘Jeanettes Flowers’, who I would certainly recommend as she did a beautiful job.

Rachel, you were an absolute delight to work (not sure I have ever laughed so much).  I am thrilled that both had a fantastic day and were so pleased with your cake.

Rachel kindly sent me the following email….

Thought I’d drop you a line to say a final thank you from Jayne and me for the gorgeous cake you did for us, and for being such a fabulous individual in general.  *flamboyant hair toss*

I practically lived on cake after coming back from honeymoon.  In fact, I may have overdone it, as my doctor called me after some routine blood tests to ask me to come back for more: apparently my blood sugar was so high (after a wedding cake breakfast) that he wanted to check that I wasn’t diabetic!  (Relax – I’m not!)

Jayne and I had a great day; loads of guests commented on how beautiful the cake looked and how delicious it was.  B******* only left us a single tier….!

All the best – hope Mr Nicola and the adorable mini-Hall are well


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