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Dickensian Wedding Cake


We were approached last summer by Red Planet Productions (on behalf of the BBC) to ask if we would be interested in designing and producing a Victorian wedding cake for Dickensian, which was currently being filmed over in west London.

The researcher explained that Dickensian was an upcoming 20 part series to be aired on BBC One, starting on Boxing Day.  A ‘mash up’ of the acclaimed works of Dickens, intertwining the most famous characters in 19th century London.

Hall of Cakes specialise in very ornate Victorian wedding cakes, hence the call from researcher Bronwyn Franklin.  Bronwyn had seen many of our Victorian designs on our website and was very excited to find that we were based in London

After many conversations it became evident that this cake needed to be pretty special.  Not just any old cake, but Miss Havisham’s wedding cake no less and it was to form centrestage of the final two episodes.  Ok, we then got a little excited!

We have designed and created many many intricate Vitorian wedding cakes over the years and they have travelled all over the country.  However, this one had to be very beautiful indeed.

We set about creating an eight tier extravaganza.  The most intricate piping detail,  hundreds of handmade roses, leaves and blossoms and topped with the most delicate, ornate vase, made entirely from sugar.

We were on set with Dickensian for two days and were privileged to meet many of the cast and watch the final scenes being filmed.  The set was utterly incredible.  Carrying an eight tier cake down a 90 foot cobbled street with horses walking past was a little unusual and something I will never forget!  Slightly different from the average Wednesday at HoC HQ

I hope you agree that the cake looked wonderful.  We have received amazing feedback and feel very privileged to have been part of this fantastic series.

Nicola Hall

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