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Cake Grandeur at the Royal Exchange, London

Thursday 23rd of January 2014

We have already blogged this wedding but I just had to show off these images provided by Stefan of Raw Silk Photography on the wedding of Francisca and Tony at the Royal Exchange, London back in October last year.


This was the most lavish wedding we have probably been a part of to date with every detail being executed with the most finite precision.

It was no surprise that the whole thing was choreographed by two of London’s top event planners -Beyond Certainty and Bespoke London.

The Royal Exchange is my absolute favourite wedding venue in London without question.  The architecture and history afforded to this building is absolutely fascinating but what I love about it most is the natural light.  The glass ceiling in the central courtyard floods the whole place with the most incredible light.  Not to mention how it looks at night time with the most incredible lighting effects.

We have set up our cakes at many many weddings now and have been lucky enough to see some of the Londons most spectacular venues.  But,  this was the greatest transformation of a venue we have seen.  The flowers and trees (yes, trees) provided by Veevers Carter, were quite unbelievable.  The colours were just amazing.

When you set up a cake of this size you really need to concentrate.  Two of us were at the venue for hours working on assembling this baby!

The mad thing is, you are so busy concentrating on what you are doing it isn’t until you are nearly finished (and start relaxing slightly!) that you start to look at what has been going on around you.

The cake was positioned in the middle of the dance floor, which was placed centrally in front of the main entrance.  Therefore we had been working right at one end of the venue.

When our work was done, we turned to the back drop our mouths fell open.  ‘WOW’ was then the only word that came to mind!  The colours, the flowers, the setting, the table settings… it was all incredible.

Thank you Stefan for providing these images and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Nicola x


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