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Indian Wedding at London Sofitel

Monday 14th of November 2011

Indian weddings are generally a grand affair and the wedding of Sonia & Sanj on Saturday was certainly no exception! 

Sonia & Sanj from Gerrards Cross, came over to us about 6 months ago to discuss the design of their wedding cake. 

Many couples come to us as they require the specialist element of design that we offer, many months prior to the actual creation of their wedding cake.  Other couples (or should I say ‘Brides’!) have already fallen in love with a design on our website and literally wish to order it for their wedding cake.

Sonia had fallen in love with our Cascading Rose design and wanted us to create this design in all white, complete with Swarovski 3 row banding at the base of each tier.  To personalise the design slightly, Sonia & Sanj wanted individual crsytals scattered down throughout the rose cascade itself – as if the cystals had been dropped from overhead.

When Sonia and Sanj were in the studio, there was quite a lot of discussion about the height of the cake….. Sonia and Sanj were seating 750 dinner guests to their evening reception, to be held at the Arora banqueting suite of the London Heathrow Sofitel.  As you can image, a banqueting venue of this size, does not befit a petite little cake but requires something of considerable grandeaur.

Whilst Sonia and Sanj could have opted for a cake of 7, 8 or even 9 tiers, Sonia was insistent that she did not want the cake to be taller than her, so that it would not tower above her.

The cake was to be placed in the centre of the dance floor as the main focal point of the room (no pressure there then…..!).  All 75 tables were to be dressed with black linen with silver seat covers and an abundence of fresh flowal displays.  I suggested to Sonia that the Wedding cake be placed on one of our stands, but for the stand to also be covered in the same black table linen.  White cakes contrast so well against a dark back drop – especially with the added sparkle of the cystals.

As you may have learnt from my previous blog posts, transporting wedding cakes is not for the faint hearted…..  Generally, little or no sleep is had the night beforehand and the morning is spent flapping over trip hazards, lists, cake tiers, boxes and spirit levels and in the most part being very rude to my lovely husband.  This weekend was no exception!!!

The five tiers comprised an array of flavours from chocolate to lemon to fruit and yet more chocolate… The completed cake would have been far too heavy to lift into the car so,  three tiers were stacked and ready before departure with the two remaining tiers to be worked on at the venue.  Whilst this option take lots of stress out of journey there is also a lot of equipment to transport, to enable us to work at the venue.  Rolling pins, cutters, knives, cloths, boards, icings, piping bags, nozzles….. Its a little bit like running through your ‘suitcase checklist’ whilst en route to the airport  – but with tons more pressure and a deadline that is set in stone….

The end creation did look beautiful and I hope Sonia and Sanj were delighted with their chosen design.

Thank you to the amazing Indian catering company ‘Madhus’ for their help on Saturday (  Madhus are probably the most sought after Indian caterers in London.  Their venue co-ordination and professionalism is second to none and if you ever get to taste their canapes…wow!

Nicola x…

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