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Kem Cetinay Cake ITV This Morning


What a week! We received a call on Thursday 18th April from a lovely girl called Christie at Wild Card PR.  Christie had been commission by ITV to search for a cake maker who would be able to design and produce a showstopper for Kem Cetinay’s birthday – and to be wheeled out live on air with Hollie and Phil the following Wednesday.    OH MY GOD!

Well, ‘look no further Christie’ is basically what I said.  We only do showstopping cakes, and whilst time was a major factor ( just a tiny matter of a 4 day Easter bank holiday in the way), there was, basically, no way were weren’t gonna rise to the challenge.

So, it was all hands to the pump with designing and creating and icing and baking (and quite a bit of swearing actually!) but by Easter Sunday we were looking good (well, the team wasn’t but the cake was starting to take shape!)

This cake was so much work, but SO worth it.  Delivering to ITV This Morning and meeting all of the cast and crew was such an amazing experience.  I absolutely Holly Willoughby and to have her holding my hand telling me how talented I am was, well just slightly odd – I mean.. You are Holly Willoughby woman!!!  Philip Schofield was also lovely and we were made to feel so welcome by all of the ITV team.  Kem… What a lovely guy – he LOVED his cake and sent us some lovely messages of thanks .

An absolute pleasure to work on this project and looking forward to the next one!



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