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Kent Vintage in London Bride

Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Gemma and Duncan visited the studio back in March.  Gemma brought along lots of images, swatches and various collages of bits and pieces she had gathered thus far on her wedding journey. 

I knew immediately that when Gemma said ‘Vintage’ she really meant it.   Lots of couples incorporate vintage touches to their day but Gemma was really keen to ensure that very single detail was ‘vintage’ in every way.

The wedding venue was Preston Court Farm nr Canterbury, Kent.  A stunning site featuring the 12th Century St. Mildreds Church, the 17th Century Kentish Barn (the reception venue) and surrounded by beautiful grounds and other original heritage buildings.  The venue is truly unique.  It’s also complete with an original 1920’s working organ and a carousel for your guests to ride on!

As you may know from previous blog posts I do love cupcakes, but they are not my favourite.  However, Gemma had envisaged cupcakes and when Gemma and Duncan left the studio we had actually decided on 200 of them, to be beautifully decorated and very vintage and shabby chic.  But, something was niggling me and I wasn’t comfortable with it.

Gemma and mum had told me how they had been collecting vintage crockery and this really stuck in my mind.  It was also apparent that every detail was being afforded so much attention that this couple wanted something really unique.  Olus, the venue was so unusual (I have really never seen anywhere like it) and i felt it needed something totally original

I didn’t tell Gemma immediately, but I dismissed the idea of cupcakes and got to work on the sketch pad to design a  ‘Vintage Sugar Garden’.

I decided that we were going to recreate the cups and saucers in sugar, complete with sugar flowers and blossoms.  We did of course need to include some cake(!) so we designed the whole creation based on the portions required, together with the collection of cups and saucers. Gemma has also shared with me that there was a touch of  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ incorporated into the whole theme and I had this in my mind when designing. .

I did of course have to run my ideas and sketch past Gemma and Duncan and am pleased to say they were delighted.   Gemma was also very pleased that the cups and saucers could be kept as permanent momentos of the day.  Sugar lasts forever and these are wonderful gifts for mum or nan to keep on the mantlepiece.

I received the most beatiful testimonial from Gemma and Duncan (see Testimonials) and thank them so much for taking the time to put pen to paper.

We enjoyed working on this wedding so much.  Gemma and Duncan were a pleasure to work with and we also thank them for trusting our judgement and allowing us to be truly creative.

We really do mean bespoke when we say it, but not all couples are as brave and trusting as Gemma and Duncan!  Some couples need to know exactly how their cake will look on the day and others are a little more daring.  It takes all sorts and that is what is so interesting about this prefession.  Every wedding is so different and uniquely enjoyable.

I can’t deny that the flowers created for the whole design took days and days and days and……  Honestly, if we had charged by the hour I am not so sure Gemma and Duncan would have gone for it(!) but, it was so worth it.

The transportation was a little hairy (as usual) but we are completely used to being abused by other motorists and driving at 20mph on motorways and A roads!

Most of these images have been supplied by Yaggi Photography – Fresh unique wedding photography.  We absolutely love these images.  Thank you so much for supplying them.

The Vintage Sugar Garden was also featured this month on London Bride

Now, that was a lot of typing!  I need a cup of tea and also need to get ready for our consultation this evening.


Nicola x…

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