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The Essex Wedding Cake!

Tuesday 31st of December 2013

Courtesy of the lovely lovely Kay Young (Kay Young Photogrpahy) these are the images of the cake we designed and created for Charlotte and Phil for their wedding back in July this year.


This was one of our most detailed cakes of 2013. Actually quite a last minute booking for a cake of this size.  Charlotte only booked in with us about 3 months before her wedding day as her original cake maker had let her down.   I absolutely hate hearing of this kind of thing –  it just shouldn’t happen in the wedding industry.

We were already pretty booked up for July and so I really did ‘um’ and ‘ahh’ as to whether we could take on this commission, but I just couldn’t not.  One, because Charlotte just sounded so distressed on the phone and the other reason is that once Charlotte described what she wanted it absolutely had our name on it!  We couldn’t wait to get started.

Charlotte came to see us at the studio with mum and we sat down and designed her dream wedding cake. Charlotte adored the Royal wedding cake and wanted her design to be based on this spectacular cake.

However, whilst Charlotte and Phil did have quite an impressive guest list, they didn’t actually have a 1000 plus people to feed (and send cake around the world to), so a slightly smaller version was in order!

Charlotte wanted her cake to be the focal point of the room. A complete showstopper.  She wanted it it be beautiful, detailed, intricate, ornate and very very grand.

She wanted it adorned with sugar flowers, leaves and petals and the base of cake to be an absolute sea of intricate sugar work.

We worked for days and days and days creating hundreds of white leaves, petals, sugar roses and the tiniest of wired sugar blossoms.  This was going to be a work of art.

Charlotte wanted the tiniest element of silver included in her cake but I wasn’t sure at first as whether this would work.  in the end, by adding just a scattering of edible silver balls, it really made the design come to life and I loved this extra detail.

Charlotte and Phil’s cake was a variety of delicious flavours with the bottom tier being a dummy.

This is definitely our favourite wedding cake of 2013.  They just seem to be getting bigger and bigger!

I hope you love these images and Happy New Year! …

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