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A London Wedding – Park Lane Hilton, London

Saturday 1st of September 2012

Last Friday we delivered one of our most exclusive luxury wedding cake designs to The Hilton on London’s Park Lane.


Loladi and Ladi were married recently in Lagos, Nigeria but their London celebration was to be held at one of Park Lanes’ most exclusive hotels.

Usually, clients come to us at least 6 months in advance and when we are asked to design something very elaborate, a year in advance is not unheard of.  But, Loladi and Ladi were, lets say… a little last minute(!) and we had just 8 weeks to design, bake and create.  With 7 other weddings booked in during this time, this really was quite a tall order (literally!)

I am going to blog this item further when I receive more official images and when I do so, I will mention in more detail a few other people that were involved in pulling this wedding together.  But, for the moment, I would just like to say that our creation – in terms of the organisation that was required behind the scenes – would not have been without the expert management of London event coordinator Sarah Ducker of SJD events.  All I will say for now is if you are planning a big wedding… Do not even think about coordinating it without this woman!

We met the client with Sarah at the London Hilton at the beginning of June for a cake tasting and design consultation.  Loladi specified a few key requirements at this meeting and we noted various words used to describe her vision; ‘grand’, ‘ballroom’, ‘ivory’, hints of ‘gold’, an abundance of ‘detail’ and definitely to include tons of her favourite flowers – roses.

Lolade had picked out a design on our website ‘Pink Lady’. She absolutely loved the grandness of this cake and specifically wanted us to use some of the key elements of this piece.  Swags and bows were a must as well as lots of intricate piping detail.  But, Lolade requested that the piping detail (specifically the beading), be created in gold.

Following our initial meeting, there were hundreds of emails and telephone conversations (literally!) via the wonderful Sarah Ducker.  Emails included notes of ideas to be included within the cake and also information as to the overall theme and style of the wedding.  The brief was eventually concluded as ‘Enchanted Garden’.  Ivory and gold to be the predominant colours.  Obviously we also needed to bring the key design elements already discussed – roses, ballroom, Pink Lady…….

The work on this cake literally took weeks. Around the base of the bottom tier we included hundreds of tiny sugar roses, leaves and blossoms and this detail was carried right through to the top of the cake.  All of this sugar work was done in advance and then added to the cake as we brought the tiers together.

As I said above, I will blog this item again as there is so much more to tell you but I just wanted to give you a brief overview for now.  Plus, lots of people have been pestering me to get some images on the site – so, here they are!  Enjoy…


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