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Minnie Frills at Rowhill Grange, Wilmington, Kent

Wednesday 1st of February 2012

Ali and Simon came to see us around this time last year for their wedding cake design consultation.  Ali and Simon were to be married at Rowhill Grange (Wilmington, Kent) on 8 September 2011 


As you will have read on the blog and what goes hand in hand with the job, is that we meet lots and lots of couples from many walks of life and everybody has their own tastes, ideas and themes.

Ali however was somewhat special….!  And I know when I send her the link to this post she will not mind me saying that at all, but instead will burst out laughing.

Ali wanted a Disney theme for her wedding and nothing was going to persuade her otherwise – not that I tried to of course and in any event it would have been completely pointless!  Ali (a grown woman with grown up children by the way…) had her heart set on a Disney style wedding and is absolutely besotted by anything that is pink and girlie and well…. Minnie Mouse.  Yes, I know, rather unusual, but if you met Ali, you might just get it.  She is fun and warm and bubbly and the most family orientated person, who wants nothing more than to live happily ever after with Simon and her lovely family around her.

Ali’s cake was very very important to her.  She wanted it to be the focal point of the room and also wanted it to be prodominantly white and, definately 5 tiers and of course ‘Disney’  mmmmmm…..

As you will have seen, at Hall of Cakes we only do ‘classy’ and thus I must admit that I was struggling a little from an initial design perspective……  At the consultation Ali fell in love with our Cascading Rose design and wondered how we could team this up with Minnie and Mickey… eerrrrr…’ no idea’ I think was an honest answer!  Oh, and another thing that was a must on the cake was to incorporate the little pink and grey/silver heart motif that was being used for the stationery

We played around with some ideas but,, the design I could get out of my head was the ‘A Chocolate Frill’.  How about this being created in white with Minnie and Mickey literally emerging from the frills at the top?  Ali whooped with delight at this (and I think Simon may have buried his head in his hands – can’t quite remember) but, it seemed ‘A Minnie Frill’ it was to be.

Each layer of cake was a different flavour, to include rich fruit cake, chocolate with cocoa buttercream, lemon with lemonzest cream filling… and more.

Now, I usually do my utmost to get a ‘cutting of the cake’ photo but, to put it bluntly…..there wasn’t one.

Being a local venue I offered to collect our stand from the venue the following day.   I was totally amazed to see the cake still in one piece as I had left it, with not a single bite removed!

Now, I will be totally honest here, my first thought was ‘oh my god did what was wrong’ but, I was told by (some very hungover) wedding guests that Ali had loved it so much she refused to cut it. Yes, completely refused to cut it.   If you refer back to the third paragraph I did say she was somewhat special.

Ali sent me a lovely testimonial – see Ali & Simon – 8th September.

The photography is supplied by the wonderful Julia Fox.   Fantastic imagery as standard.

Nicola x…

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