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Nonsuch Frills on a Wedding Cake in Surrey

Monday 2nd of January 2012

These images are of the wedding of Helen & Charles, back in October at the beautiful Nonsuch Mansion, just outside Cheam in Surrey.

I actually met Helen and Charles at a wedding event at Nonsuch back in January last year.  Whilst I met many couples on that day, Helen and Charles really stuck in my mind as they were so warm and friendly and Helen had the most beaming smile of the day.

They booked in for a design consultation a couple of months later to discuss the details of their wedding cake and to also try some cake samples.

Every consultation differs as every couple have different ideas, themes and tastes and I have to be honest is saying that some consultations are just ‘easier’ than others.

‘Easier’, meaning that this couple had seen exactly what they wanted on our website and from that point on they just couldn’t consider any other cake design or idea.  Very flattering indeed.

‘A Chocolate Frill’ it was to be.  They had both fallen in love with this design, were pretty hell bent on a chocolate extravaganza and so the ‘design’ element of the consultation was a little redundant!

Whilst each tier is covered in lashings of chocolate and frills, each cake tier doesn’t have to be chocolate inside.  Whilst chocolate cake was the main filling, they also opted for carrot cake with orange zest butter cream and lemon sponge layered with lemon zest cream filling.

Helen asked for a special favour… Mother of the bride has a dairy allergy and whilst Helen and Charles’ choice of cake was their dream centre piece, it certainly wasn’t going to be mum’s!  How could we get round this?  Well, how about some little personalised cupcakes, just for mum?  Decorated in keeping with the main cake, but not a hint of dairy to be found.

As you will have read previously on the blog, we rarely get to see the bride and/or groom on the day, but when we do it is a real treat.

I get very emotional at weddings (so most weekends I manage a tear or two!), and it proved no exception when Helen arrived with her mum and bridesmaids, literally within minutes of us pulling up outside.

I just think it is very special to see a bride on her wedding day and to be a teeny tiny part of what will become her most treasured memories.

Helen and team were yet to be beautified and arrived in their rollers and jog bots, ready to be whisked up the Nonsuch stairs to the sumptuous serenity of the bridal room.

As cake ‘reveals’ go, I do prefer ‘on stand and in final resting place’ – as opposed to the boot of the car(!) but, I couldn’t really avoid the moment as we all arrived at the same time and it was impossible to get the cake past the waiting and excitable bride.

Eventually, I made a deal with Helen… She could be there when I lifted the boot as long as I could get the camera ready…..  A little bit of a gamble on my part, but in for a penny…..!

Second image down to your right…….The best reaction I could have wished for and my absolute most favourite image from 2011.

Congratulations Helen and Charles.  An absolute pleasure to work with you and very best wishes for the future.

Nicola x

The rest of images shown here are the incredible work of ‘Indigo Images’  Thank for supplying them to us and thank you for taking the most amazing shots of the cake.

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