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Traditional Wedding Cakes


Hall of Cakes have become renowned for their traditional wedding cakes.  Cakes adorned with beautiful intricate piping, designed and executed with precision technique.

Whilst Hall of Cakes can design and make cakes of any style and size they are often selected by clients  who want something more traditional – all white wedding cakes that  often resemble the wedding cakes of Victorian times.

Going back a few hundred years, the first wedding cakes were known as ‘brides cakes’ or ‘brides’ pies’ and were often made with bread or as pies for the bride to cut into with the assistance of her groom.  The more ornate wedding cakes that we know of today – traditional all white tiered cakes – didn’t really come about until Victorian times in the late 19th century.

Whilst many brides now want chocolate cakes, wonky cakes, themed cakes… it really is only the true professionals in cake making that are able to design and produce beautiful traditional wedding cakes

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