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Vintage Rose at Hever Castle, Kent

Tuesday 3rd of December 2013

Firstly, it would not have been possible to post this blog without the generosity of Kenny Hickey

Sarah & Greg

A lot of our cakes we do photograph ourselves but it is not always possible and thus we then rely on the generosity of the wedding photographer.

Sarah and Greg were married on 19 October 2013 at Hever Castle in Kent.

We are the recommended supplier to Hever Castle and over the past 5 years have delivered many of our cakes to this beautiful Kent venue.  Sarah and Greg actually used both parts of the castle.  They were married in the Astor wing and then held their reception in the Guthrie Pavillion (Italian Gardens)

Sarah booked in with us for a consultation back in March.  Sarah came along to the studio with her mum to see our designs and to taste our delicious cake samples.

Sarah was quite undecided on her cake design but initially she thought she would like a traditional ‘white’ wedding cake.

Most brides who come to us do initially say they would like a white cake and many of them do in fact end up choosing a white, or perhaps ivory cake.  But, I have to say I do get quite excited when a bride is brave enough to choose a different colour as the base.

Choosing an alternative colour as the base (such a pink or blue) not only makes a pleasant change but it really puts our skills to the test. The piping designs and flowers etc. really ‘pop’ out and it is imperative that no mistakes are made.

Sarah had already selected the colours for her fresh floral displays and these were very vintage tones of dusky antique rose, ivory, and what I would describe as a ‘latte’ colour.  As you can see here, she selected a beautiful deep burgundy for the older bridesmaids, constrasting the lovely latte shade for the younger ones.  The little ones look gorgeous – don’t you think?!

As a tip, if you are reading this prior to selecting your wedding cake, it is very helpful to the cake designer if you have already chosen your flowers and the colours for your bridesmaids dresses.  It gives us a good visual for the day and helps start the process of the cake design.

If you have chosen the colours of your flowers but perhaps not the style you want, perhaps just have a think about if you are going for tall (candelabras perhaps) or short (i.e poseys in bowls) as the table centres.

We have a beautiful cake on display in the studio which is an antique rose colour.  The tiers are covered in a very delicate brush embroidery.  The bottom tier is laiden with hundreds of individual rose petals.   Sarah absolutely fell in love with this cake.

Sarah wanted her cake to be traditional, and for it to incorporate the very delicate and original skills in sugarcraft – piping, brush embroidery and the most ornate sugar roses.

Brush embroidery is a skill that does take hours and hours of practice and patience.  The tallest tier you see here cake (second tier down) actually took two days of brush work for just this tier alone.

The cake comprised a variety of flavours but the bride and groom are cutting into a lovely tier of rich fruit cake.  The top tier was also rich fruit cake – to keep for a later date.

Sarah and Greg had a wonderful day and both look fantastic.  I absolutely love Sarah’s dress.  So elegant.

I am sure you agree, wonderful photography and I hope you agree a lovely cake!

A pleasure to work for Sarah and Greg and thanks once again to Kenny Hickey for supplying us with theses images.

Nicola …

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