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Wedding Cake Sevenoaks, West Heath School

Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

On 25th May this year Elise and Tom were married at West Heath School in Sevenoaks Kent.  

Elise & Tom1

West Heath School is actually where Lady Diana spent her boarding school years which she apparently described as being the happiest years of her life.  The school is actually now owned by the Al Fayed Charitable Trust and whilst it still serves as a boarding school today, it is also a stunning setting for weddings and events.

Elise came to see us with her mum in February of this year.  Elise had a very clear vision of what she wanted and actually told me within the first 10 minutes ‘If you thought my future sister in law Amber was high maintenance you haven’t seen anything yet’!  She did laugh whilst telling me this but I did have a sneaky suspicion she wasn’t really joking..

As I hope anyone who reads our blog (or looks at our work) will know, we are absolute perfectionists at Hall of Cakes  and when we meet people like Elise, who have the  same drive, energy and expectations, whilst it is a challenge it is also a total pleasure.

Elise wasn’t going vintage. She was going bold and bright and fabulous!  Totally refreshing.  Elise showed us an image of a cake she had seen online and whilst (to be honest) it wasn’t our usual style, I knew by making it bigger and bolder and more detailed we could pull of something quite special.  In ‘Miss Piggy Pink’ no less.  Miss Piggy is the actual colour given to main rose (see below) featured in Elise’s bouquet.

As you will see below we had to achieve the exact ‘Miss Piggy’ shade before we faded and increased the depth of colour.

The bottom tier of this cake was actually a dummy tier.  Having delivered to West Heath before, we knew of the pot holes in the country lanes and we just don’t take risks.  The dummy tier was replaced with a cutting tier and Elise and Toms’ guests enjoyed layers of madeira sponge with vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate cake with cocoa cream filling, carrot cake with orange cream filling and lemon cake with lemon zest buttercream filling.

The majority of the images here are supplied by Helen England Photography  The colours are absolutely amazing Helen.  Thank you so much for supplying these images to us.

Elise, yes, you were maybe an ickle bit high maintenance but no less than any bride should be and very loveable with it.  I never got to meet Tom but having seen on Facebook he is known as ‘Talking Tom’ I am not sure how anyone gets a word in edgeways when this couple are together!

You both look stunning on the day and I hope you had a fantastic time.

We received the most amazing testimonial from Elise earlier this week.

Hi Nicola, Firstly I wanted to say thank you for making our spectacular wedding cake, it looked and tasted amazing.  From the first meeting I had with Nicola, I knew she was the only person I wanted to make our cake. Nicola’s passion and skill completely changed my view of what a wedding cake should be and the whole experience from start to finish was really enjoyable (especially the sample tasting).  Nicola suggested we place the cake in the centre of the room, and on seeing the cake on the day, I was so glad we listened to her advice, it took my breath away…..and I think the cake was the most photographed part of the wedding! I would (and already have) recommend Nicola to anyone that wants not only a fabulous looking and tasting cake but to enjoy working with someone who you can completely trust to exceed even the highest of expectations.

Nicola x…

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