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White and Gold Wedding Cake Grandeaur


This is the wedding cake we designed and created for Claire and Leo for their wedding at Hatfield House in March this year.

Claire wanted her wedding cake to be grand.  Huge in fact!  Nothing less than 7 tiers was going to work for this lady.

Claire came to us with many different ideas and it was a matter for combining her ideas and transposing them into what was possible in icing.

Leonardo is Italian and Claire is Irish and it was very important to Claire for their wedding cake to reflect some influences from both the Irish and Italian sides.  The Sistene Chapel was spoken about as well as beautiful irish harp design which Claire provided us with.

The antique gold of the Sistine Chapel was something that Claire was very keen to incorporate into her cake. The particular colour we needed is not available in any sugar spray or dust so we had to hand mix using various dusting powers and hand paint every tiny gold detail.

The inside of the cake was a variety of flavours and we were told by Claire that every single piece was devoured by their guests!  We received the most wonderful thank you from Claire which can be found in our Testimonials page

We must also thank Neale James  for supplying us with some beautiful images of this cake.  I have included four images here and I think it is clearly obviously which ones are the professional shots!  Thanks so much Neale


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